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Injection Molding Parts

More than 150 million injection molded plastic parts and components are manufactured annually by Longxiang Group. The wide array of parts includes such items as gears, bushings, bobbins, lamp sockets, knobs, wire harness components, fuse components, disposable medical components, computer connectors, stereo speaker frames and current-carrying devices, as well as cosmetic-critical components and close-tolerance precision parts.

Complex Design?

Don’t worry. Our Advanced Mold Making System can handle it, You can freely incorporate features into your part design that most mold manufacturers simply cannot do. We have also developed software to significantly increase the speed of the mold building process, reducing a typical mold build time of 30days.

Require Higher precision?
Don't worry, Our facilities is so advanced, we can chieves a tight tolerance of ±0.005" during molding. We maintain an on-site tool room and handle all necessary mold maintenance.